Terminal Geeks

The Geeks are back!

Back in 2012 an idea was born, a fun new podcast. Okay....okay.... podcasting is not new, but the idea we had was definitely fun. Some geeky podcasts focus on one technology or one particular subject. We decided to cross all those lines and do something that we felt wasn't really available at the time and combine them into one giant pile of a podcast. Hence Terminal Geeks was born, we would cover Linux, Android, Apple products, gaming, and generally making fun of Microsoft. Basically anything that had a Unix-Like OS in it.

Sadly due to an inconsistent schedule on our part we faded into that big black hole known as a podcast graveyard. Terminal Geeks has now risen from the grave and is back and better than ever. We will now have more focused discussions for each podcast but still retain the variety of content.

So what is different now you ask? Well a few things, first we will are also branching out, along with podcasts we will be getting into screencasts on our Youtube channel. We may even start a Twitch channel. These screencasts will be quick tutorials and even some experiments with new pieces of software or building out new systems.

So the hiatus is over and we are back, we are going to have some round table discussions about what is going on in the tech world. So with no pun intended, let's get this show on the road.

Oh yeah forgot to mention, we will be livestreaming everything! Look for out schedule soon for the the podcast and screencasts!